No doubt that the city of Covilhã is becoming the centre of urban art in the region of Centro de Portugal thanks to the creative action of Wool Fest – Covilhã Art Festival. This Festival honours Covilhã’s glorious past as one of the most important wool-producing cities in Portugal and aims to be a major urban art reference in the country. Wool Fest organises regular events, filling the walls of the city with colourful paints deeply related to the wool theme. The city of Covilhã will never be the same!

ARM Collective
The first Wool Fest project has the signature of ARM Collective: RAM (aka Miguel Caeiro from Sintra) and MAR (Gonçalo Ribeiro from Seixal). These Portuguese artists create huge murals by applying their freestyle graffiti techniques. This one can be seen next to the breathtaking church Igreja de Santa Maria, one of the most beautiful tile-covered churches in Portugal! Modernity and tradition hand-in-hand!

VHILS (aka Alexandre Farto)
This is the project signed by worldwide street artist for Wool Fest, in the street Rua Visconde da Coriscada, in Covilhã. VHILS employs a quite innovative creative method by chipping away the wall and creating beautiful images that can be clearly seen from afar. Absolutely amazing!

BTOY (aka Andrea Michaelsson of Barcelona)
is deeply inspired by vintage photographs and has many art creations throughout the city of Covilhã, the most impressive one being the shepherd’s portrayal in Largo da Nossa Senhora do Rosário.

This giant colourful mural was created by Spanish artist KRAM. Inspired by the local legend of a frightful beast that scared locals when night fell over the city, this EXTRA WOOL project is an impressive work of art that you will find near the iconic tile-covered Santa Maria Church!

Inside Out Project 
has the signature of the French artist JR. This project consists of 44 posters from 44 persons who had been linked to the wool industry of Covilhã. Precisely, the aim for integrating the Inside Out Project was being able to discover some of the life story of former workers and entrepreneurs from the Covilhã’s wool factories that, for various reasons, closed over the years. Woolfest wanted to collect some memories of the recent past of the city that seems to have been somewhat forgotten and valued them with this intervention.