Next to the Erges River, near the Spanish border, Monfortinho Thermal Baths join the best in health and technique with the quality of Serra de Penha Garcia waters.

Founded in 1906 by Dr. José Gardete and explored since 1907 by the Fonte Santa de Monfortinho Water Company, the first resort in the baths was opened in 1940 and it was then that there was a real development.

Nowadays, Monfortinho baths are a paradise for body care where dry and wet treatments are wisely applied.

The water of the Holly Fountain

With therapeutic virtues recognized since Roman times, the water of the Holly Fountain at Monfortinho has high silica content, is hypo mineralized, bicarbonate, and has sodium, calcium and magnesium, which is why its use is advised to treat chronic skin diseases, issues in the digestive, circulatory and respiratory systems and rheumatic diseases.

Monfortinho baths offer you a renovated space and suggest personalized, thorough and professional treatments with acknowledged results.

Dedicated to health, Monfortinho baths are also prepared for relaxation and beauty. If you just want to enjoy the tranquillity of the baths the only thing you need is the will to feel good about yourself. Body and soul.

Beyond the Thermal baths

In a region dominated by grand manor houses, like Poupa and Vale Feitoso, you won’t find it difficult to rotate your bath activities with a photographic safari, an afternoon hunting, training in a shooting range, a morning dedicated to fishing, an adventure canoeing, mountain biking, paragliding or hang-gliding, or even a visit to the historical and cultural routes. Take the chance to take a tour through this incomparable area which includes the Historic Villages of Monsanto and Idanha-a-Velha, the Geopark Naturtejo and the Tejo Internacional Natural Park.