Mochilão Europa is a unique experience of exploring and living Europe by train. A backpacker experience!

12 to 22 days’ programmes;
Explore and live in one or more countries;
A group of 8 to 12 young persons.

A backpacking experience guided by a monitor with experience, knowledge and responsibility who helps you discover the secrets and experiences of the visited places.
An experience that begins as soon as you apply, for the programme is built with our help.

A way of travelling across Europe or a country. It’s not only about visiting, it’s about living and exploring the places, enjoying free entrances in museums, travelling on a gondola for approximately €0,50, discovering fantastic hostels and much more.

A way of knowing different persons, habits and cultures.

A way of meeting different people, habits and cultures.
A way of making lifetime friends.
It’s more than travelling, it’s all about exploring and living Europe.